Run! Do not slow down! Do not fall off! Do not give up! – This is a slogan from the game developers. Player meets those short but motivated sentences right at the beginning of the descriptions in android and iOS supported devices. Those motivators create positive mood for reader and push in trying the game. Also, primary impression is not those quotes, it is icon of the game, where you see strange, cute shape of a creature, which has nothing common with human or any other alive object on the earth. Yes! It is an alien.

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Run 3 is third version of game series called “run”. The third version is much more improved than earlier versions. It keeps you in game by its simplicity, minimalism, suitable music and intensity. Players who love minimal graphics in game and are concentrating to achieve goals or making highest scores, this game is for them.

Game developer is a game publisher company Kongregate. It’s first version released in 2014. After 2014 developers made few updates of the game and for now the latest update was made on February 17, 2017 for iOS based devices and it is version 1.11.4. Seems that developers are more merciful for android system. The latest update for android devices was made on September 8, 2017 and current version is 1.12.0.  The game is free to download but includes in-app purchases and its price varies from $1.99 to $19.99 per item.

As in most app games, Run 3 contains ads too. But players don’t gain any scores or coins by watching them, but it is sometimes impossible to skip the ad. Ads appear suddenly and you need to wait until it is over.


The game is very attractive for players who love challengeable and intense games. Game requires flexibility, concentration and quick reactions. It takes you to the different reality where even running on the walls is possible. If you love run games, then this game will become too addictive for you.

The game starts with an alien who runs through tunnels and meets different obstacles. Obstacles are usually same type, like gaps on the floor or collapsing tiles, but they differ by size and complexity. Also one more obstacle player meets in the game is polygon shaped figures, which player needs for improving characters and unlocking different features. Those figures are located on very dangerous places where it is quite easy to fall into a space. After player takes those polygon coins, it gets harder and harder to reach them, because they are located on more and more dangerous places.  The tunnel gets different colors and is located in the galaxy, which gives player good senses and makes game joyful and more interesting for them.

On the main menu player can choose 2 different options:  explore mode and infinite mode. Explore mode gives us opportunity to move to higher levels in a run. It reaches next levels during a run, which means that player does not quit running after goal is accomplished. Your alien can run infinitely and achieve higher levels and unlock more characters in the run. Other side, infinite mode continues infinitely till an alien falls in the galaxy. In that mode player can set records in distance. Infinite mode does not restart again after falling as it is in explore more. After an alien falls into space, game is over and it shows your score. Also there is a galaxy map. It shows how many levels did an alien run from its planet. It is also possible to go back to previous levels and replay.

Right under the galaxy map on main menu you meet shop button. There you have chance to buy power cells, which are useful to empower your alien or get free power cells by downloading different apps. It is possible to collect power cells in infinite mode by catching colorful polygon coins. Player can buy minimum 2000 power cells for $1.99 and maximum 21700 cells for $19.99. By unlocking various features your alien will get some power and different features like running speed and jumping distance etc.

On the right upper corner for mobile apps there is setting button where you can make game more flexible for you by changing button types. There are two options for mobile app for moving your alien, such as swipe or 2 opposite direction arrows. There is not a settings button at all in browser version. You can use WASD for moving and jumping alien. The space button is used for jump too. Besides, the quality of the game is changeable in the mobile app but not in browser version. The quality of the game is quite good. Objects are perceptible and clear. The game has unique graphic and 3D game play.

Not only one alien is available in the game. You start playing with gray alien whom you can improve in Run 3, but after 10th level another gray alien unlocks who wears little red rollers and is more flexible for playing. There comes one greener alien after 40th level and so on. You can unlock aliens by completing different missions or by purchasing power cells. Moreover, by completing different tasks such as beating the low-power area etc. player can unlock more characters.

While running an alien must jump over holes or avoid them. It is possible to run all around the tunnel. You just need to make an alien jump on the next wall and tunnel rotates. While running except for jumping over gaps, you need to avoid or be very careful and have quick reaction for collapsing tiles. Those tiles are white-gray color and fall into the space immediately alien runs through it.

After you unlock characters, you can play with them only for one high score. Characters have not their personalized profiles due to their achievements.

Run 3 game is safe for children either. There is not specific restriction in age. No webpage requires age confirmation. The game does not contain any violence scenes or bloody crushes. If alien falls into a space it immediately will appear back on the tunnel.

The Characters In Run 3

1: The Runner:

The Runner is your default option style in the sport, she’s no particular Abilities however also her speed, jump height and maneuverability are marginally higher than ordinary. She is able to be at at every level in case you are aware of the way to utilize her precisely.

Concerning costumes, The Runner includes two kinds of costumes: winter outfits and halloween outfits.

Cold Temperatures Costumes could be unlocked by beating the Cold Temperatures match or Buying at the shop by 500 power tissues; halloween outfits are unlocked by beating the minimal power tube or purchasing at the store by a 750 powers cells

2: The Skater:

Skate is a difficult part in the sport; To unlock him, you Require To conquer a level 10 or buyin the store together with 300 cells. Skate is among those fastest-running personalities in the match – 21m / s; His hop’s skill is lesser compared to ordinary however, the jump much’s skill is fantastic.

In theatres, Skate includes a winter costume and It’ll Be unlocked by Beating cold temperatures matches buying in the store together with 500 cells.

3: The Lizard:

Lizard is a personality who does not know the terminology in run 3 And also you’re able to unlock it by beating a level 40 or buying this at the store together with 600 cells. It’s rather idle but its own jump’s skill is rather significant. Lizard’s rate is very slow, so at just 9m / s – that causes it to be turned into the slowest part in the match. As stated previously, Lizard can be actually a idle personality, in case it neglects a degree multiple days in a row, then it is going to stop trying and head to sleep.

4: the Little One :

The Little One would be the son of Copy; he frequently appears along with his dad But sometimes he likes to throw trail independently. To unlock the youngster, you want to conquer the low-power tube or purchase in the shop together with 2, 000 cells.

With mild weight Together with his balloon, then your Youngster can operate on Destroyed Brick Work without vibration them. Nevertheless, the rate of child is still quite slow, just 10m / s; Low maneuverability leaves him proceed issue.

5: The Bunny:

Bunny is portrayed as a grisly animal in the world. Just like Lizard, it doesn’t know the language and isn’t capable of communication. You are able to unlock the Bunny by achieving 8 accomplishments or buying this at the store together with 2, 000 cells. Bunny gets got the ideal rate, jump and maneuverability from the match, however it never ceases jumping and this also may cause you to get hard to restrain it.

6: The Gentle Man :

The gentle man is popularly referred to as being a collector of bizarre cells. You’re able to unlock gentle man using 2, 000 cells.

7: The Duplicater:

Duplicater is a doubtful character, he just considers his son Creatures. The Duplacater could simply be unlocked by purchasing him at the shop together with 6000 cells. They could make their or her own copy in moments (around 6 duplicates ) and also the duplicates will probably mimic his activities.

8: The Pastafarian:

The Pastafarian can be actually a warrior of this church. She can simply be unlocked By purchasing in the store together with 6000 power cells on the web or 25000 at Mobile. The Pastafarian’s skill is the fact that she is able to run onto the light bridges extremely fast. Her regular rate is 9m / so, however if conducting the cable bridge, she is able to reach a rate of 12m / s.

In costume, even the Pastafarian includes an unlockable ensemble, a costume costume.

9: The Student:

The Student is among the principal personalities in the match run 3. She can Flip gravity whilst jumping. She can conduct a max of 9-10m / so, jump to maximum of 13,3m. You Can’t unlock the pupil by simply passing up the amounts, simply by purchasing her at the store together with 10000 cells

10: The Angel:

The Angel can be a engineer and he also works in the mill. His skill is To jump from the atmosphere to rate up. The highest rate of this angel is 19.5 m. You may get a grip on him readily. Ordinarily he functions just like a runner, so he could run quickly and also have medium sized maneuverability.